Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I get to Morocco?

We do not offer flights as part of our service. The best site to get a broad view is
It’s sometimes easier and cheaper to got directly to the airlines however:
Flights from London to Agadir:
1. EasyJet –
2. Ryanair –
3. Royal Air Maroc –
4. Thomson –
5. First Choice –

Flights from Liverpool to Agadir:
1. Ryanair (starting October 2009)–

Flights from Manchester to Agadir:
1. Thomson –
2. First Choice –
For a more extensive list from other countries visit

Flights from London to Marrakech:
Same as to Agadir plus:
1. AtlasBlue -
Flights from Manchester to Marrakech:
1. Thomson –
2. EasyJet –

Flights from Bristol to Marrakech
Ryanair -

What is the Accommodation like?

We either have accommodation at the surf camp or in apartments. The most common option is the surf camp but those looking for a bit more privacy or luxury might like an apartment. The rooms in the surf camp are with shared or double rooms. The shared rooms are 4 person rooms. We try to separate sexes but this isn't always possible. The private rooms are basic but comfortable. Each room shares a bathroom with one other room. We have 2 full time cleaners however so cleanliness is a very rare problem! If we're full but you really want to come, we may offer you our 8 person room. You'll be offered a discount as well of course.

Do I have to come for a Sunday-to-Sunday week?

NO. The reasons we encourage a week long stay with a weekend arrival and departure is so that you get the absolute maximum out of your Surf Berbere experience. We can structure our surf lessons to suit you best, we can show you as many spots as possible, and we can take you on trips to explore the area. But it’s no problem at all if you can’t make the whole week or a weekend to weekend trip – we are 100% flexible and we can still guarantee you’ll have an awesome time!

Do I need a VISA?

If you hold an EU passport you are entitled to visit and surf Morocco for up to 90 days without a visa. For further info on visas check out the following site

Where should I fly to?

Agadir (AGA) is our nearest aiport and is only fifty minuntes away. We can arrange one of our drivers to pick you up and drop you off at the airport. For prices, check the prices page. Marrakech (RAK) is another option but you will need to take a bus or a taxi to get to us. The transfer from Marrakech is 100 Euros in a taxi, about 10 Euros on a coach (coach company is CTM ( about 4 and half hours down.

What is the cheapest way to get to Surf Berbere from Marrakech?

Follow these simple steps for getting to Agadir from Marrakech.
1. Hop in a taxi from the airport to "gare routiere". 50dh per person.
2. Buy a ticket with Supratours or CTM to Agadir. 100dh pp. 3 hour journey.
3. Give us a call on 00212 528 200 290 when you know what time you'll arrive and we'll arrange a pick up from Agadir for you. 100dh

Who do Surf Berbere work with?

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What Do I Need to Know About Morocco

What is the currency?

The Moroccan currency is the Dirham (dh). It varies around 11-14dh to £1, and around 12dh to 1EURO. You will struggle to be able to get hold any Dirhams outside of the country, but Moroccan airports allow you to change your hard earned cash, and so long as you aren't a currency speculator we are happy to change small amounts of money for you at the current market rates, both coming in and out, at the surf camp!

How can I get Dirhams?

It's difficult to get Dirhams outside of Morocco. We recommend changing money once here or using your ATM card. There are lots of places at the airport and in Agadir to get money out. DO NOT BRING TRAVELLERS CHEQUES as no where will accept them!

Can I bring travellers cheques?

DO NOT BRING TRAVELLERS CHEQUES as no where will accept them!

What will the weather be like?

Expect sunshine year round, but cold evenings from October through to March. Warm water lasts through til November, but you will need at least a 3/2 wetsuit through to March or April. Summer water temps you can surf in shorts or if your used to warmer waters a 2mm shortie will keep you more than warm.

When is the surf best?

The best surf is during the winter when the big swells roll in. This is not to say that the Summer is a barren spell. The beauty of our region is that so long as there are some 5ft swells hitting the buoys, somewhere will be working. This being said it is definitely advisable to hit the winter waves if you want to see the big overheads you see in the videos.

I am a woman, is there anything I should know about visiting a Muslim country?

Morocco is one of the most tolerant Muslim countries out there. Read a guide book from ten years ago and you will be told to dress head to toe with nothing showing. This is not the case anymore. Agadir is a European tourist destination and the locals will not be shocked by much, however we would ask that all our clients respect local customs.

Further Morocco Information

British Embassy - Visa -

What Do I Need to Know About Surf Berbere

Is there internet?

We have high speed WiFi broadband internet throughout our accommodation.

Do I have to bring my board?

We will provide everything you need, but if you have your own boards then bring them all. Our region has absolutely every kind of wave so bring the boards that suit what you want to ride and according to your ability. Boards, wetsuits are all included in the full package price if you don't fancy the perilous baggage handlers. Please check carefully to see exactly what you get with the package you are paying for.

Is there anywhere to get surf repairs done?

There are lots of local surf shops that will fix any problems you may get with your boards at low cost, but high quality.

Can I drink Alcohol

Taghazout is a dry town. This means that no store will sell booze here, but that does not mean that there are no boozy parties here. Alcohol is available in Agadir, it is nice to enjoy a drink after a good day surfing. We will go in to the supermarkets of Agadir fairly regularly if you want to pick up a crate. Please note that we are careful to respect local customs. You can also purchase duty free before departing.

What if I am a vegetarian

No problems! Our Moroccan Chef Simo specialises in a variety of cuisines to ensure your stay with us is catered for your particular taste. Nothing is more refreshing at the end of a surfing day relaxing on the terrace enjoying a vegetable tagine!

If I don't want to surf one day, what else is there to do?

There are plenty of things to see and do around this great southern region. Options include horse and camel rides along the beach, a visit to the Immouzer waterfalls enjoying a picnic in the afternoon sun or for the more adventurous why not hire out some quad bikes and rip through the mountains with a guide.

What Do I Need to Know About The Surf

I am a beginner, will I get lessons?

Yes (if you are on the right package - most of our packages offer this as we are here to offer our experience!) Our qualified surf instructors will share their passion for surfing with you, ensuring you gain knowledge of the sport, awareness in the water and most of all have fun whilst you are learning. We normally have a mix between local surf coaches and European guides, but it all depends when you come out. They are all qualified by their respective associations and speak good English.

I am more advanced now, but would still like a guide...

A great way to explore the region and variety of surf breaks is by hitting the road with our experienced crew, who will take you to the best waves for the day. So just jump on in and soak up the knowledge at hand.

When is the best time to come?

With a region that enjoys over 330 days of sunshine per year, Taghazout is bustling year round. The Winter swells are more consistent and it is during this time that most of the die hard surfers arrive. We run throughout the year because there are great waves to be scored throughout the Summer. We have so many different breaks, some that pick up small swells, some that only work when there is huge pressure system coming through. You will always get some great surf, you just have to find it. That is why we are here! Peak surf season: Dec - Feb Off peak season: June - Sep

Swell Information

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