Taghazout's Surf Spots

At our Surf Berbere Taghazout surf camp we are blessed with some of the most perfect right hand breaks the world has to offer. Our apartments sit on Hash Point, an easy right-hander for surfers new to rocky breaks. Our Morocco surf camp could not be closer to the rock off point at Hash Point! We can see over to Anchor point the “Holy Grail” of long curling right breaks. On a good day folks have ridden this wave almost to the door of our apartments. There are the easy beach breaks of Roches Diables and Panorama.

The real die-hards will be ready to take on the twenty minute paddle out to contend with the fast barreling Killers! There are so many point breaks, beach breaks and secret spots in our short stretch of coast that every surfer will find a wave that is perfect for their level of surfing Morocco.

Below is a surf spot map of our area, if you click on to any of them it will highlight the spot and you can then see some photos of the spot working, plus a short surf video highlighting the spot! 

Immesouane Tifnit Tamri Draculas La Source Banana Point The KMs Devil’s Rock Killers Anchor Point Mysteries Panoramas Boilers Hash Point