Lucie’s Yoga tips for Surfers!

Author: James · November 18th 2011
{title} Surf Berbere - Morocco surfing holidays from Taghazout's waterfront surf camp - Taghazout surf and yoga holidays - Morocco surf school and Taghazout apartment holiday rentals Getting ready for an awesome surf trip to Surf Berbere? After some Sun Salutation, try out these specialised yoga moves to improve your surfing fitness. Warrior pose…surf styleAfter you’ve been paddling all day, this stretch takes the pressure off the arms and makes your leg muscles stronger and leaner. It loosens up those tight hips and will give your more flexibility and control when surfing your dream wave.Step one leg back into a lunge with the front foot facing the front of your matt and the back foot at about 90°. Bend your front knee down to about a 90° angle above the angle so that it is heading towards the front 2nd toe. Look forward opening the arms and reaching the shoulders out wide. Take some deep breaths and for surfers; get lower every time you exhale. This will give you more control of the board. Bend your front knee deeper and edge your back leg out further behind you. The back leg should be kept straight as you push the back edge of the foot into the ground strongly. Keep the shoulders above your hips and engage your core. From your core, push the legs into the ground and away from each other and open your back hip out as much as you can. Keep lengthening the spine by tilting your tailbone in and bring your belly button in towards your spine. Take at least 10 breaths here and feel the burn!Crow pose…improve your surfing fitnessCrow pose increases your arm strength for paddling, your core strength for stability and improves your balance. All this should make you a better surfing when you face that dream wave. Place your hands on the ground a little further than shoulder width apart. Spread your fingers as wide as you can so that the point between the 1st and second fingers face the front; this will align the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints perfectly. Step your feet closer to your hands and lift your hips. Lean forward bending the elbows and place your knees on your upper arms. When starting out, keep the elbows bent and place the knees closer towards the elbows on the upper arms. Look forward 2meters in front of you to help you balance. Now, lean forward, lift one foot up at a time or if you can, both together. Start to lengthen the arms holding your balance. Hold the pose for as long as you can. Ultimately surfers should aim for 10 smooth deep breaths in the pose.See you in the studio…