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Surf Camp Package

Relax & rejuvenate with an amazing Surf & Yoga holiday from just £430 pp

At Surf Berbere we understand that sometimes you just need to get away and relax. Our Morocco surf & yoga weeks are all about relaxation, spending time with mother nature, your wellness, transformation and rejuvenation. Our wish is to create an experience that inspires peace, serenity, inner strength and calmness.

How Your Day Looks Like

Each morning we wake up to a delicious buffet of fresh fruits, cereals, yoghurts, breads and spreads and pancakes. All ready to fuel us up for a day out surfing from 9am until 4.30pm. When we come back, we have a some time to relax, shower, have a tea or coffee watching the waves.

Then every day at 5:30pm we have a yoga session in time for sunset over Hash Point, one of Morocco's most beautiful vantage points. Below is a picture of our open air studio that enjoys stunning views over Hash Point.

Surf Berbere Team
Surf and Yoga Morocco

Teachers & Yoga Styles

Our yoga instructors, Katie and Chanti have a wealth of experience of teaching yoga all over the world. Our classes are a mix that has been developed over the years to help improve wellness, but also to help the body recover from a long day of surfing.

Our style of yoga is physically demanding due to the constant movement from one pose to the next (Vinyasa) practiced in its correct sequential order. Our Ashtanga style gradually leads the practitioner to rediscover his or her fullest potential on all levels of human consciousness, physical, psychological, and spiritual.

Combined with the practice of correct breathing (Ujjayi Pranayama), postures (asanas), gazing point (driste) and energetic locks (bandas), we help you gain control of your senses and uncover a deep awareness of yourself.
Surf and Yoga Morocco

Beautiful Open Air Studio

We have custom built one of the most spectacular yoga spaces in Morocco. Our yoga studio has amazing views right over Hash Point, out over the Atlantic. The space is completely open topped, so as you relax and lie back, all you see are crystal blue skies.

We are not interested in cramming in hundreds of guests, so we have a limit of no more than 12 people per session in the space ensuring that you will always have our instructors attention.

We also have a couple of exercise balls and ropes if you want to do some extra stretching, pre or post a surf session.
Surf and Yoga Morocco

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy

The yoga studio is located on top of our award winning cafe, so to embrace a healthy, yogic lifestyle we encourage our guests to eat a predominantly vegetarian and pescatarian diet consisting of pure, simple, natural foods which are all sourced locally.

Three meals, inspired by the Mediterranean and Moroccan diet will be provided daily. We try and source the majority of our produce so that it is seasonal, organic, either grown in our garden, or locally sourced.

The Agadir region is one of the most fertile in Morocco and all our fruit and vegetables come from local farms, which when prepared with love (and a bit of virgin olive oil or argan oil) result in mouth watering, nutritious and delicious cuisine.

Breakfasts are always served out on the wooden decking of our cafe, whilst lunches are taken down to the beaches during the day.

Every evening after the yoga session, we prepare a three course dinner that is served up on the Surf Berbere surf camp roof terrace, arguably one of the most spectacular terraces in Morocco.

During the daytime we provide bottled water. At breakfasts fresh coffee and tea are available. When booking in with us, just let us know of any food allergies or special dietary requirements and we will ensure that you are well catered for.
Surf and Yoga Morocco

What Our Guests Think

"The yoga sessions are a perfect combination with surfing. It maximizes your surfing performance for the next day by stretching and targeting core muscles" - Charlie from Bristol UK.

"Great for flexibility and core strength" - Maire from Ireland.

"It's the most high I've ever been on just oxygen and the most relaxed I've ever felt" - Daniel from Copenhagen Denmark.

"Katie put together the perfect yoga class. Deep breathing held and flowing poses and then total relaxation. Amazing!" - Deirdre from London UK.

"I dont think the setting could have been better, sunset followed by fantastic stars!" - Calumn from Ireland.

"Yoga at Surf Berbere is incredible - the warm style perfectly suits the stunning location overlooking the sea allowing you to relax and grow in equal measure. I even managed my first handstand." - Will from London UK.

Surf and Yoga Morocco


For an unforgettable active fun week this is the perfect package! With daily fun surf lessons and rejuvenating relaxing yoga sessions you’ll feel energized and full of life.

You’ll have certified experienced yoga and surf instructors and will be staying in the outstanding Surf Berbere surf camp. We have included a 2 day break from surfing and yoga for you to have some downtime and potentially to go out discovering more on the area.

The Price: £430pppw

• 1 week bed & breakie
• 5 surf Lessons
• 5 packed lunches
• 5 yoga lessons
• 7 hearty surf camp dinners


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